Jono Zalay

Jono Zalay grew up in beautiful San Diego, where upon becoming a stand-up comic, he quickly grew tired of good weather and happy times. So he packed all his belongings and boarded a plane to Boston. His belongings boarded a plane to Philadelphia and were never seen again. Once adequately miserable, Jono pursued comedy while earning his PhD in Neuroscience. In 2010-11, he became a staple at comedy festivals around the country, winning all of them in the “most fun” category that he made up. His unique and informed background brings a perspective to stand-up comedy unequaled by almost any PhD in Neuroscience.

Guest Appearances

Jonah Ray, Megan Gailey, Joyelle Johnson, Zach Sims, Jono Zalay and host Cameron Esposito

Cam talks tour bus, naked minutes and tape. Sets from Megan Gailey, Jonah Ray, Jono Zalay, Joyelle Johnson and Zach Sims. This episode is brought to you by Tom Boy X (


How Evolution Made Us Unfit For The Modern World

The Cracked Podcast #139August 29, 2016

Are you ever so overwhelmed by the thought of going out to socialize that you just stay home instead? And then once you stay home, you're bummed out at yourself for not leaving the house in the first place? Is your typical…



The gang starts off with a discussion about hecklers and lollyfarting before delving into the subject of consciousness. Guest neuroscientist and comedian Jono Zalay is back in the Professor Blastoff hatch to talk about self-realization, dreams, sex robots, and so much more!



It's David Huntsberger’s time for a solo episode in the hatch! After answering some listener questions, David gets into the topic of dreams and why we have them. He'll call up a Blastronaut, his neuroscientist buddy Jono Zalay, and even his mother…


The Brain

Ever wondered how that ol’ noggin of yours works? You have? That’s great because we have an expert on brains, comedian Jono Zalay! He will guide us as we examine all the parts of the brain, explore the myth that women have…

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