Joyelle Johnson

Joyelle Johnson is an actress and stand-up comic.

Guest Appearances

Make Me Stupider and Hotter

Fake The Nation #216September 2, 2020

Joyelle Johnson and John F. O'Donnell join Negin for a discussion on the pros and cons of rationality. Later on, Jena Friedman and Michael Cruz Kayne decide if they'd rather be intelligent or hot, and address other eternal questions.


Using a Diamond Necklace As Spaghetti

Fake The Nation #215August 27, 2020

Joyelle Johnson and John Fugelsang join Negin to dig into GOP dirt, including Kellyanne Conway’s White House departure and the Jerry Falwell, Jr. controversy. They also share what TV shows have been keeping them sane during the pandemic and what's been inspiring…


Destroy Your Life Hacks

Fake The Nation #194April 2, 2020

Joyelle Johnson and John F. O'Donnell join Negin to talk about why US unemployment is so high compared to other countries in the age of coronavirus and how Joyelle is going to get some of Jeff Bezos' money. To get dressed or not? They get…


How to Talk to Anyone

Fake The Nation #115September 20, 2018

Comedians Christian Finnegan (The Fun Part) and Joyelle Johnson (Late Night with Seth Meyers) join Negin to discuss the sexual assault accusations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, Trump’s plan to impose an additional $200 billion on Chinese goods and the latest…

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