LalalaLetMeExplain is the anonymous relationships expert who delves into the highs and lows of modern day dating to give raw and honest advice on topics that people are often too embarrassed or afraid to talk about. A qualified social worker and dating & relationships educator, she left her 15 year career in the public sector in 2018 to bring her professional knowledge to social media to a loyal following.
Lala has qualifications in Psychology, Counselling, Sexual Health, and Sociology and she has spent her career working in the public and voluntary sector helping people to work through, or leave, fucked up relationships, to change negative patterns of behavior, and to develop self-love and good self-esteem. Lala was just never able to apply her own advice and expertise to her own life, up until now.
Lala shares her stories in an open, honest, raw, and often hilarious way. She takes you through the good, bad, and sometimes downright fucked up situations that she has found herself in but she reflects on those and offers ways of learning from them. Readers have commented on the range of emotions that the blogs evoke in them and women from across the world have been getting in touch to say how much they can relate and that the blogs have helped them to see where they have been going wrong and that they deserve more.

Guest Appearances

February 12, 2024

Your burning relationship questions are answered in this episode as Jameela is joined by the UK’s famous anonymous Agony Aunt, dating educator, author & social worker LalalaLetMeExplain.