February 12, 2024

EP. 201 — Ask Jameela Anything with LalalaLetMeExplain

Your burning relationship questions are answered in this episode as Jameela is joined by the UK’s famous anonymous Agony Aunt, dating educator, author & social worker LalalaLetMeExplain.


Jameela and Lala cover a full range of topics including breaking up with your friends, what to expect if you’re new to the dating scene post-divorce, how to be a self-esteem provider to your close ones, having sex while sober and postpartum and much, MUCH more.


Lala is an anonymous relationships expert, author of the book ‘Block Delete, Move On’ and host of the podcast ‘It’s Not You, It’s Them… But it Might Be You’


You can find her on IG @lalalaletmeexplain and Tiktok @lalalaletmeexplain

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  Jameela Lala of LalalaLetMeExplain, hello and welcome to I Weigh. How are you?   Lala I’m very good. Thank you. How are you?   Jameela I’m great. I’m so happy to have you here. And I think my audience are going to be so happy to have you here because you are exactly what this podcast is about, which is a very no nonsense, straight talking approach to how we can be our happiest and most whole selves and truly live our best lives, not in this sort of frustrating capitalist way it gets projected, but in a very true and authentic and safe way. And so I really appreciate your work, and I’m really happy to have you here to help me answer all these questions which you are far more qualified to answer than I am.   Lala Thank you. Yeah, I’m really excited to be here. I’m really honored, actually. I really enjoy your podcast, and I really enjoy you as a woman and a voice, a powerful, empowering, feminist voice, so absolutely honored to be

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