Robyn Hitchcock

Robyn Hitchcock is an English singer-songwriter and guitarist. While primarily a vocalist and guitarist, he also plays harmonica, piano, and bass guitar.

Guest Appearances

August 8, 2016

Paul F. Tompkins welcomes all back to a LIVE episode of Spontaneanation, recorded at the world-famous Largo at The Coronet! This week, Paul’s special guest is legendary singer-songwriter Robyn Hitchcock! They chat about what sport he would play if he had all the physical ability but no mental awareness, being forced out of England by the Punks, and his interaction with Donovan at a Starbucks in Austin, Texas. Paul is then joined by Nyima Funk, Colleen Smith, and Chris Tallman to improvise a story set in an Airship Underwater. And as always, Eban (only the best) Schletter scores it all on piano!

Photos by Lincoln DeFer