Sam Kieffer

Sam Kieffer has has made thousands of podcasts with Comedy Bang Bang, Conan O’ Brien, Nerd Poker, Ronna & Beverly, Throwing Shade, Kevin Pollack’s Talk Show, Gilbert Gottfried, How Did This Get Made, Threedom, The Canon, Hollywood Handbook, In Bed w/ Nick & Megan, Raised By TV, With Special Gues Lauren Lapkus, Who Charted, Womp It Up, Yo Is This Racist, and of COURSE…our Office Ladies. Sam is currently serving a 10 year prison sentence for creating the series “Emily in Paris”.

Guest Appearances

March 19, 2024

This week we’re breaking down “Dwight’s Christmas”.

August 6, 2019

Comedian Chris Charpentier joins Howard, Hugo, and Summah Sam for steamin’ hot Who Charted! Howard lays it down with a special scooter rhyme as they count down Spotify’s Top 50 in the US. Then they check out the Movie Chart while raving on their top summer flicks (plus a Bob Marley bomb), and fellow comic Max Beasley helps round out the gang’s Hot Picks.

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May 28, 2019

Comedian, actor, writer and so much more Wayne Federman (The History of Standup) joins Howard and the crew for this week’s Who Charted! Wayne taps into the local comic history while they count down Apple Music’s Top Songs. Plus, they guess the four audience quadrants and Wayne tries to convert Howard to the 4DX moviegoing experience with the Movie Chart, and the gang reviews upbeat tracks and the summah commandments during the Hot Picks.


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November 8, 2018

Earwolf’s own Sam Kieffer joins Dave and Matt to dig in deeper about his recent coming-out, crushing on Pee-Wee Herman, working out issues with a dominatrix, Henry Caville hotness and more! Plus, Matt and Dave talk about their “firsts” and Dave tells a *shocking* story you don’t want to miss!

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October 9, 2018

Actor, producer, and #SquatMelt steady Bill Kottkamp joins Howard, Kev and Summah Sam for another Who Charted! They’ll swap squatting strats and show off a new Footloose beat as they count down iTunes’ Top 5 Electronic Songs. Plus, the crew finds out what’s on their recommended list during the Movie Chart, and we get their reactions to the weekend’s big UFC fight before they serve up of a fresh helping of Hot Picks.


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July 24, 2018

Comedian Brooks Wheelan joins Howard and guest co-host Jessica Chaffin to break the mold on a jam-packed Who Charted! They count down Billboard’s Top 5 Mainstream Songs while sorting out their Hogwarts Houses, and Howard makes the effort to find his inner child during the Movie Chart. Later, Jessica shares a special throwback Petty tune while Brooks and Howard reflect on their time in Hawaii together as they count down their Hot Picks.

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