Sarah Silverman

Sarah Silverman is all you could want and more. Her feature film Jesus is Magic was called “funny” by one Amazon reviewer. A different Amazon reviewer called her television show The Sarah Silverman Program “great.” When you look her book The Bedwetter on a certain online shopping site, you learn that it is “a good and “book.”

Guest Appearances

Sarah Silverman

Comedian Sarah Silverman feels grateful about being Conan O’Brien’s friend.   Sarah and Conan sit down to chat about first times, getting aggressively dumb and silly, lessons from Garry Shandling, and the fear of speaking up. Plus, a listener voicemail forces Conan…


Sarah Silverman - Playing Games: Season 2

Comedian Jimmy Pardo hosts a pop culture game show-interview podcast; three call-in contestants vie for prizes. Special guest: Sarah Silverman.


Charlie's Bucket List

Comedy Bang Bang #522November 27, 2017

Comedian Sarah Silverman is back and joins Scott to talk about her new Hulu show “I Love You, America,” Soarin’ at Disneyland, and to get a bit serious. Then, Charles Manson escapes from his hospital to tell us about his quest to…


Virtuosity: LIVE!

How Did This Get Made? #173October 13, 2017

Sarah Silverman (I Love You, America) and Taran Killam (Killing Gunter, SNL) joins Paul and Jason to discuss the 1995 science fiction film Virtuosity starring Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe. Recorded live from Largo at the Coronet in Los Angeles, they talk…


Jon Cryer, Vance Gilbert, Sarah Silverman, Kumail Nanjiani

Never Not Funny #2005March 9, 2017

Select highlights from Pardcast-a-thon 2017, a benefit for Smile Train, featuring Jon Cryer, Vance Gilbert, Sarah Silverman, and Kumail Nanjiani. Purchase the full 12-hour audio/video package at! Proceeds benefit Smile Train. This episode is brought to you by Backblaze (www.backblaze/pardo).


Sarah Silverman, Matt Walsh, Andy Daly and Michael Sheen - Live at #PCAT16

Never Not Funny #PCAT16March 10, 2016

Select highlights from Pardcast-a-thon 2016, a benefit for Smile Train. Featuring Sarah Silverman, Matt Walsh, Andy Daly and Michael Sheen. Purchase the full 12-hour audio/video package at! Proceeds benefit Smile Train.


Mouth Contacts

Who Charted? #159December 18, 2013

The lovely and hilarious Sarah Silverman joins Kulap and a layered Howard on a VPN edition of WHO CHARTED! We hear one of Sarah’s diary entries, where she got her new dog, and her thoughts on Drake during the Billboard Rhythmic Songs…


Live from SXSW 2013

Comedy Bang Bang #206March 11, 2013

This week’s Comedy Bang Bang was recorded live at the South by Southwest Festival 2013 in Austin, Texas with the stars of Jash! Michael Cera, Sarah Silverman, Tim & Eric, and Reggie Watts join Scott to talk about coming together to form…


Playing Dirty

Sklarbro Country #129January 11, 2013

The very talented Sarah Silverman joins Randy & Jason to reminisce about playing together on a comedy softball league on today’s Sklarbro Country! Sarah talks about why people have a hard time believing comedians can act in serious dramatic roles, being benched…


Slow Dance Boner

Comedy Bang Bang #160May 28, 2012

This week we dive into the personal lives of comedy power couple Sarah Silverman and Kyle Dunnigan. A new game, Shorts or Jeans, is played, and we're visited by two strange guests. Check out the Comedy Bang Bang on IFC website to…


One Year Anniversary!

Who Charted? #52November 30, 2011

Can you believe it's been a year since we got this charty started? Prepare yourself for our One Year Anniversary episode with special guest Sarah Silverman! You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll chart, you'll leave a better person than you came in! We…


Wine in the Whirlpool

Comedy Bang Bang #125October 3, 2011

It's been way too long since our good friends Sarah Silverman and Nick Kroll stopped by! They join singer Dan Mangan this week for a "haha lol" Comedy Bang Bang complete with surprise appearances from Bobby Bottleservice and Nick's "Old Lady" Erma.…


Sexual Attraction

Oh, hello there! Please, sit down and make yourself comfortable. Would you like a glass of wine? Mmm, I thought you might. We're dimming the lights in the hatch and talking about sexual attraction this week with the absolutely beautiful and hilarious…


You Give Me Fever

Who Charted? #6January 12, 2011

It's time to look back at the best music and movies of 2010, with special guest Sarah "Big S" Silverman. Sarah tells us what it's like to wake up feelin' like P. Diddy and treats us to a very special performance of…


Dammit That Was a Hot Jam

Comedy Bang Bang #82November 27, 2010

We at Earwolf are pulling out all the stops to make this the most hilarious Christmas possible! Friends of the show Kevin Nealon, Tig Notaro, and Sarah Silverman start the show off right with valuable information about their travel habits, weekly scheduling,…


Harrison Ford Approved

Comedy Bang Bang #64July 30, 2010

Well, we got a couple a ladies on the show today. They talk about their boyfriends, and hanging out, and showing each other their buttholes, and their hit TV shows, and what Harrison Ford thinks of their work, and other stuff that…


Exclusive Prince Interview

Comedy Bang Bang #37January 22, 2010

Todd Glass might be the most seriously funny person. And by that I mean even when he's talking about his dog dying or asking for Twitter advice, it's hilarious. Hannibal Buress drops some bon mots, and Sarah Silverman is fortunate enough to…


What Do You Say to Your Dog?

Comedy Bang Bang #26October 23, 2009

What do you say to your dog that you wish someone would say to you? I bet it isn't as funny as Andy Richter's answer! How would you serenade a porn star? I bet it isn't as melodious as Sarah Silverman's song!…


Doing Laundry with Sarah

Comedy Bang Bang #6June 5, 2009

You'd expect a show like Comedy Bang Bang to be able to get at least one popular movie star each episode, but TWO? That's unheard of! Until now that is, with Billy Crystal and James Gandolfini both showing up on this episode.…

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