Weeksidoodle: November 28

Earwolf Week at a Glance

Hey Earwolves! Hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving. I know you’re busy, so ON WITH THE BLOG!

Patton Oswalt is one of our favorite friends on Comedy Bang! Bang! and we’re so thrilled to have him back! It’s a shame that every time he stops by he’s so rudely interrupted (I blame Chris Tallman). Regardless, enjoy!

With that pesky President gone, The Apple Sisters can finally get back to what they love most! Singing, dirty puns and visiting with special guests like Daniel Franzese!

Analyze Phish is back! Back with jams! Back with Adam Scott! Groovy, man!

Don’t be afraid to listen to Professor Blastoff this week! Or to do anything else, for that matter! Face your fears! In fact, this week’s episode can probably help with that! I’m afraid that I’ve not been very clear about this: The episode is about fear.

HDTGM Live at Largo *Photo by Liezl Estipona

You’ve known about it for a while, but you can finally listen to How Did This Get Made? LIVE! The movie is Superman III. The guest is Damon Lindelof. Enjoy!

Can you believe it’s been a whole year since Who Charted? started? That rhyme was unintentional, by the way. Sarah Silverman is coming back for the big event! Let’s all order cake or something!

Has everyone been enjoying improv4humans? I’m nerding out so hard over it, I actually listen to it in line at the UCB Theatre before seeing improv shows. I probably could have left out that detail, but these deetz are vital: Andy Daly, Billy Merritt and Danielle Schneider are this week’s humans!

Nothing says holidays like Glitter In The Garbage! This week we’re joined by the lovely Fortune Feimster and Ryan Gaul!

Do you guys listen to Walking the Room? It’s a great podcast, and we’re inviting its hosts Greg Behrendt and Dave Anthony to join The Wolf Den!

If you don’t follow @EliBraden on Twitter, you are making a mistake. And if you miss Eli Braden on Totally Laime this week, you’re making an even bigger mistake!


Gelmania returns. That is all I can tell you.

As always, we’re ending the week with Sklarbro Country. As always, we have an awesome guest! Tom Segura! Happy Holidays indeed!