Helen Keller and Tim Tebow

Sklarbro Country #16 November 12, 2010

First off, we’d like to apologize for any issues you guys might have had with the website this week. We, uh…forgot to renew the domain. Maybe we shouldn’t have Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys as our web engineer. Regardless, Randy and Jason overcome this set-back, much like Chilean miner Edison Pena did when he ran the New York City marathon. The guys bring in writer and comedian Patton Oswalt (who you probably remember as Wesley Snipes from The Fan) to talk about all aspects of comedy, from writing a comedy book to documenting his experiences touring. Sklarbitration is held in regards to Helen Keller being a hacky punchline, and advice is given for Tim Tebow as he begins his memoir. Plus Jerry Jones explains what the heck has been going on down in Dallas. Leave us your advice on how to be a successful trombonist/Santa Claus, and tell us which potential Sklarbitration Paralegal you would want defending you!

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