Johnny B. Goode

Sklarbro Country #17 November 19, 2010

Troublemakers and Evil Twins of the world, this is the show for you! Whether you’re the type to beat up an eight-year-old at a football game, to wear pink cleats in opposition of your coach, or to commit the heinous crime of putting Johnny B. Goode on a jukebox, you’ll find something for you in this episode. The gentleman comedian Paul F. Tompkins talks about his rebellious decision to drink eight pints of beer while recording a stand-up special, and tells us how he holds his own in conversation with sports fans. The ultimate troublemaker Tiger Woods displays his trademark eloquence this week with his latest update on golf, his career, and his golfing career. If you’re still in the mood to make some mischief, go vote for Sklarbro Country at the Podcast Awards and check out the fabulous Pod F. Tompkast. For additional comedy relief, check out the early 90’s Miami Dolphins attempting to recreate M.C. Hammer’s ‘Cant Touch This’.

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