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The Fogelnest Files #54 September 12, 2013

Jake is back from New York and in the Earwolf studios with the very funny & delightful Cameron Esposito on this week’s edition of THE FOGELNEST FILES! Cameron takes us through her late night television debut experience which is considered the most memorable first time on a late night show for any comedian in recent history, tells us about her 2 podcasts, one of which is an all standup podcast/live show called Put Your Hands Together and the other a action/scifi movie podcast called Wham Bam Pow, and explains why she decided to start doing stand-up as opposed to improv. Jake and Cameron also get into the phenomenon of dogs reacting to the Empire Carpet commercial jingle, take a look at the Beastie Boys on The Joan Rivers Show, and see what Yakov Smirnoff has been up to. As always, check out the full playlist over at! If you’re listening to this on September 12th, tune in for a LIVE VPN edition of THE FOGELNEST FILES with special guest Jenny Johnson at 9p EST/6p PST over at! People of Los Angeles, THE FOGELNEST FILES will be a part of the LA Podcast Festival on October 5th and is a great place to meet girls! Go to for tickets! Lastly, THE FOGELNEST FILES returns to New York on October 10th at the Bell House in Brooklyn and tweens are not welcome as it is a 18+ show!

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Jake Fogelnest, Cameron Esposito - Dogs Reacting to the Empire Carpet Commercial Jingle

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