Nicole Hates Hotel Dresser Drawers: Re-Release

Best Friends with Nicole Byer and Sasheer Zamata #113 August 10, 2021

This week we are re-releasing a fan favorite episode – the chicken/egg conversation! Nicole shares a story of a recent Tarot card reading and opening herself up for love, and Sasheer encourages her to explore her spiritual side. They discuss what they learned from a documentary on circumcision, Beyonce + Gwyneth Paltrow’s best friendship, and the time Nicole tried to joke her way out of a speeding ticket. They take listener questions about apologizing too much (it doesn’t matter) living with your best friend (Nicole and Sasheer could NOT), and “trash-ass” boyfriends (They suggest Thelma & Louise). Email or call Nicole & Sasheer with your friendship questions at:
(424) 645-7003‬

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