Paul Rust, Our Close Friend

Hollywood Handbook #6November 12, 2013

Sean and Hayes reveal the real next gen power players of the biz by going through their list of 15 Under 15 Hollywood Up and Comers. Then they educate listeners on what role each 10 Percentary brings to the table during 10 Percentary Elementary. Finally, PAUL RUST does us a solid by dropping by to reminisce about his famous flash mobs, tells usĀ  how he stays connected to the world outside of his funny glasses, performs some of his KTLA 5 10 Second Movie Reviews, speaks on working with Quentin Tarankillam on Inglourious Bees, and shares an embarrassing Hollywood moment while answering hard hitting questions from the Popcorn Gallery.

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Sean Clements, Hayes Davenport, Paul Rust - Inglourious Bees

Sean Clements, Hayes Davenport, Paul Rust - KTLA 10 Second Movie Reviews