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Who Charted? #49 November 9, 2011

Okay, it’s quiz time: Who has made it big on Parks and Recreation, written movie scripts for major studios, won an Emmy for writing the Oscars, and had a starring role in a movie? That’s right, the answer is Ben Schwartz who joins us this week for a detailed discussion of UK iTunes Singles and a tricky game of Chart Roulette. This is a guy who can kill at Howard’s quizzes, offer up legitimate showbiz knowledge in the Movie Chart, and summon his very own dolphin when the roulette wheel started acting up! Get to know the un-douchy, Lego-loving, gypsy-seducing side of Jean Ralphio this week on Who Charted?! Be sure to visit the Earwolf store to pick up a copy of Who Charted? LIVE in Seattle with special guest Sir Mix-A-Lot!

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