Sklarbro County 114

Sklarbro Country #209.5 July 29, 2014

Incredible director Jordan Brady stops by to tell us all about being the originator of the line “Bow Chicka Bow Wow” on today’s Sklarbro County! We’ll also hear how the reaction from his documentary “I Am Comic” lead to the making of his new film “I Am Road Comic,” his idea for a great stand-up special, and the one time he ate a ton of weed at the Montreal airport. Daniel Van Kirk bring us crazy stories as always which include Iowa police arresting a man named ‘Shelby Mustang GT500’ for wielding a hatchet at a bar, a Virginia man who claimed a kingdom in Africa for his daughter, and a Pennsylvania man who assaulted his ex-girlfriend’s husband with a sword. Plus, we hear how Steven Seagal is holding up in the summer heat.


Make sure to head on over to to watch Jordan’s film, stream The Sklar Brothers’ one hour special “What Are We Talking About” right this very minute on Netflix, and don’t forget to buy the Sklars’ album available on iTunes today!



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