Sklarbro County 124

Sklarbro Country #219.5 October 7, 2014

Keith Malley and Chemda Khalili of the tremendous podcast Keith and The Girl are on today’s Sklarbro County! Keith, Chemda, and the guys talk about the prepping that goes into their show, how Keith & Chemda mutually broke up, Chemda’s upcoming marriage, male strip clubs, and Queen accents. Daniel Van Kirk is also here to bring us crazy stories as always which include an Oregon man who was attacked by a rabid bat while playing guitar, a Michigan couple’s threesome with a homeless man gets violent after a beef taste test, and an Oklahoma woman who claimed her spaghetti strainer as religious headwear in her driver’s license photo. Plus, we check back in with D.R. Tuttle as he sends us a message from a construction site in Northern Wisconsin.




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