Sklarbro County 140

Sklarbro Country #235.5 January 27, 2015

This week, Randy and Jason kick off the show with some music history that includes; how long it took The Beatles to notice that Ringo had quit the band and the absolute beauty that ignited a George Harrison and Eric Clapton guitar battle. Then, the Sklars are joined by comedian Dan St. Germain, who helps give a recap of this past weekend’s Royal Rumble and what kind of mental stability Vince McMahon might currently be working with. Later, Dan Van Kirk covers news headlines from around the world that include; a father who brings his child on a robbery, people who cannot handle The Game Of Life, and a cop who just wants to find someone sober enough to talk to. Lastly, D.R. Tuttle calls in to share helpful tips on how to throw a perfect Super Bowl Party.

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