Sklarbro County 84

Sklarbro Country #179.5 December 31, 2013

Helping kick 2013 behind us is the absolutely hilarious Baron Vaughn! Baron tells us about growing up in Las Vegas, having bowling be an important part of his childhood, and how learning the craft of acting has shaped his stand-up. Daniel Van Kirk also brings us the final crazy stories of 2013 which include a woman who puts up her middle finger Christmas lights up for a 2nd year, a man who attempted to rob a store for cash takes a can of beer instead, and a man who literally eats rocks and talks about smoking meth outside a high school. Finally, we hear from our pal Richard Branson who is apparently going to run his own olympics. Make sure to check out Daniel Van Kirk’s NFL column over at and don’t forget that you can now get your tickets for the Sklar Bros one-hour special tapings at the Majestic Theatre in Madison, WI. Punch waterfalls in the new year!

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