Skullnick Got The Whisper 2000

The Fogelnest Files #18January 10, 2013

Jake is joined by the wonderful Jen Kirkman to discuss Taxi, Jesus’ opinion on improv, and what Ringo Starr wants people to do with their fan mail. Jen shares about her dance background, digging the oldies as a kid, and the time her dad had a great stand up set. Jake and Jen dive into some clips that include; a soulful moment on The Lawrence Welk Show, classic banter on Royce and Marilyn, and Geraldo interviewing Joey Ramone and his mom. You can now preorder Jen Kirkman’s book I Can Barely Take Care Of Myself and make sure to leave reviews for The Whisper 2000 in “The Fogelnest Files” section on iTunes. Enjoy!

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