Erin Gibson

Erin Gibson is the best kind of lady: A modern lady. You’ve probably seen her Infomania segment Modern Lady and you’ve probably loved it. You’ve probably also seen her in a myriad of web series, including but not limited to: Back on Topps, The Shaman, Roommating, [“Layers”], Downers Grove, and her FunnyorDie Michele Bachmann videos. She’s also been on Parks and Recreation! If I wrote any more, I’d die from her awesomeness.

Guest Appearances

You're A Moron

the reality SHOW show #8December 18, 2012

Hayes and Sean advertise some of their holiday Shark Tank products available in their online store, then play clips from The Voice to determine exactly why Terry is a better singer than Trevin. They reveal that the entire season of The Amazing…


Fake Boobs and Divorce!

Totally Laime #79August 7, 2011

Are you ready to get happy?! She dominates on twitter (@gibblertron), is a beautiful and talented and is an all around absolute delight. Comedy writer/actress ERIN GIBSON came by and we discussed all things uplifting!! Or not, but it's a fun time…

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