December 29, 2020

EP. 58.9 — A New Years Message from your friends at The Office and Halloween with Creed Bratton

This week Jenna and Angela, along with some very special friends at The Office wish you all a very happy New Year. And to kick-off the New Year right, we’re giving you the Halloween episode w/ Creed Bratton.


OFFICE-058.9-20201214-NYRerelease-SKv05.mp3   ANGELA KINSEY [00:00:04] Happy New Year, you guys.   JENNA FISCHER [00:00:05] That’s right, it is the end of 2020, we’re moving into 2021. It’s very exciting.   ANGELA KINSEY [00:00:12] Get here, 2021! Get here. Come on. Come on now.   JENNA FISCHER [00:00:18] Well, listen, we just wanted to pop on here and wish you guys a great, great new year. But we’re not the only ones.   ANGELA KINSEY [00:00:27] We are not the only ones. Some other folks want to wish you Happy New Year too. Let’s hear from them.   STEVE CARELL [00:00:34] Hello, Jenna. And Angela, this is your friend, Steve Carell. And I just wanted to say, I declare Happy New Year! Happy New Year, you guys. And Happy New Year to all of the listeners of the “Office Ladies”.   KATE FLANNERY [00:00:54] Hey, everybody. It’s me, Kate Flannery, Meredith from “The Office”. Hey, I’m here to wis

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