Add 5 and Figure it Out

Sklarbro Country #111 September 7, 2012

Adam Carolla is a guest on today’s show and the stories he has will blow your mind. He’s got amazing sports stories which include, Darryl Strawberry’s first home-run, his skirmish with a coach during a Celebrity Hardball game and how his love of boxing lead him to meet Jimmy Kimmel. We also hear about Adam’s path which took him from helping build his own sketch group to working as a carpenter to becoming  a co-host on Loveline. Plus, we welcome first timer to the show, Joe Walsh, to give the guys some tips on where to go in Cleveland. IMPORTANT: Unfortunately, there was a sound issue in recording the first portion of this episode. It was a freak accident that could not have been caught, and we’ve done our best to rectify it as the content of this episode is simply too good not to release. We assure you that this is a 1 in 111 occurrence and is not representative of the sound quality you can expect from Sklarbro Country. Once again, our apologies.

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