An Intimate Marriage

Bitch Sesh: A Real Housewives Breakdown #285 October 4, 2022

The third installment of “Sister Wives Sesh” is (finally!) here. As always, Sister Casey is joined in prayer by wife June Diane Raphael and wife Elizabeth Laime and the topic is of course, Season 17. The gals must grapple with the fact that it seems the first SIXTEEN seasons of Sister Wives were…previews? As Elizabeth said, “The first 16 seasons walked so season 17 could run.” There is so much to process. Christine is fleeing, Meri is a ghost haunting the family, Janelle remains our steady rock and Kody is being driven MAD by Covid 19 while working out of his red convertible.
WARNING: If you or a loved one is suffering from continuing to be on Robin’s side, proceed with caution. Enjoy.

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