June Diane Raphael

June Diane Raphael

June Diane Raphael is a writer, actress, and comedian co-responsible for the award winning sketch show Rode Hard and Put Away Wet. She co-wrote it with Casey Wilson who she has subsequently worked with in films like Bride Wars and the upcoming Ass Backwards. You might recognize June from her roles in Flight of the Conchords, Human Giant, and Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Find June every-other-Tuesday on Earwolf as one of the co-hosts on How Did This Get Made.


How Did This Get Made?

with Paul Scheer, Jason Mantzoukas, June Diane Raphael

Have you ever seen a movie so bad that it’s amazing? Paul Scheer, June Diane Raphael and Jason Mantzoukas want to hear about it! We’ll watch it with our funniest friends, and report back to you with the results.

Guest Appearances

April 13, 2023

June Diane Raphael is back in Bitch Sesh’s warm bosom and damn it feels good . We discuss the meeting of the minds of Sandoval and Howie Mandel , how Joe Gorga can’t let his wife shine and how happy we are for the underdog Scheana Shay. Plus June lets us know where she is in her Vicki Gunvalson journey and we try to get all up in Tom Schwartz’s pickle.

October 4, 2022

The third installment of “Sister Wives Sesh” is (finally!) here. As always, Sister Casey is joined in prayer by wife June Diane Raphael and wife Elizabeth Laime and the topic is of course, Season 17. The gals must grapple with the fact that it seems the first SIXTEEN seasons of Sister Wives were…previews? As Elizabeth said, “The first 16 seasons walked so season 17 could run.” There is so much to process. Christine is fleeing, Meri is a ghost haunting the family, Janelle remains our steady rock and Kody is being driven MAD by Covid 19 while working out of his red convertible.
WARNING: If you or a loved one is suffering from continuing to be on Robin’s side, proceed with caution. Enjoy.

September 20, 2022

You know them from The Deep Dive podcast, but Ashley is excited to bring both June Diane Raphael and Jessica St. Clair into TV Club this week to reflect on their Big Mother Energy. When these two show up, you know you’re getting Good Television so get ready for some great stories. We’ll also talk about what we’re all watching at the moment. Jessica’s escapism, June’s Good Fight and a whole lot of great kids TV that’s also awesome for adults. Plus all the greats, and you know we get into some of the stats of the Golden Girls Sex Lives. Catch The Deep Dive each Wednesday on Earwolf.

What We’re Watching:

The Good Fight

Gilded Age


Rutherford Falls

The Thing About Pam

Dr Death


Grey’s Anatomy

Punky Brewster

Bob’s Burgers

Babysitters Club

Holy Moly

Domino Masters

Gilmore Girls

Sex & The City

Golden Girls



Call My Agent

Downtown Abbey the Movie

The Most Hated Man on the Internet


Abbott Elementary
Little Demon
Queen Sugar

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June 21, 2022

Feast your ears on the first ever Bitch Sesh/Deep Dive crossover ep! Queens Danielle Schneider and Jessica St. Clair are away and the mice they will play! Casey and June Diane Raphael “dive deep” into The Deep End (The Teal Swan doc on Hulu) and do anything but “bitch” during their “sesh” about The Kardashians. See how fun this is already?? ENJOY!

March 17, 2022

Looking for the best comedy podcasts? Earwolf Presents showcases our talented hosts and our favorite episodes from the Earwolf universe! Let us surprise you!


Here is: Best Friends with Nicole Byer and Sasheer Zamata! Enter the pantheon of best friendship. When you’re forced to change your number, are sick of being single, or want to take a pole-dancing class, you’re going to need a best friend… and if you don’t, you can still have this podcast.


For the third week of Women’s History Month, Nicole and Sasheer have chosen to share a special episode featuring the hilarious Casey Wilson and June Diane Raphael!


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March 11, 2022

Today on a very special episode of Bitch Sesh, Brown Family Historian June Diane Raphael and Brown Family Scholar, Elizabeth Laime join Brown Family Archivist, Casey Wilson to break down Season 16 of Sister Wives. There are also break THROUGHS. Namely that Casey now finds Meri, “breezy.” Enjoy!