February 17, 2022

EP. 98 — Ashlee Marie Preston

Activist, cultural commentator, and political analyst Ashlee Marie Preston joins Jameela this week to discuss her journey into activism, struggling with mental health since early childhood and being “neurofestive,” hitting rock bottom and finding support amongst sex workers, having her work rooted in repair, being right vs making an impact, what we need in our leaders, and more.


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Jameela: [00:00:00] Hello and welcome to I Weigh with Jameela Jamil, a safe place for learning. I hope you’re well. I feel like shit. I because I went out last night, I didn’t drink. I got home at like 11:00 or earlier, even because I had the munchies, and so I was out at this show. The show was amazing. I was watching Beth Stelling, who’s been on this podcast before and do stand up with music from Monica Martin who’s I think the best singer in the world now. Go and find her on streaming apps. Whatever you say about music streaming services, anyway, kind of halfway through the night just realized that I was going to need lots of carbs really soon. So I ordered on like Uber Eats, like a spaghetti bolognaise and a pizza, and just had it delivered to my house for exactly 15 minutes after when the show would end. So I would have time to get home and it would all still be hot. This is how I this how I party. It’s a bit pathetic. Anyway, I still feel like shit,

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