Ashlee Marie Preston

Ashlee Marie Preston is an American media personality, journalist and activist, the first trans woman to become editor-in-chief of a national publication, Wear Your Voice Magazine, and the first openly trans person to run for state office in California.

Guest Appearances

What Does Pride Mean To You? with Ashlee Marie Preston

Last June, LGBTQIA+ activist, journalist, and media personality Ashlee Marie Preston joined Jonathan on Instagram Live for a conversation about Pride, racial justice, and everyday acts of resistance. To round out Pride this year, we’re releasing that conversation as a podcast episode.…


Ashlee Marie Preston + Julianna Brudek

Producer Ashlee Marie Preston and director Julianna Brudek sit down with Cameron to discuss their new documentary Disarm Hate.


Am I A Self-Karen? with Ashlee Marie Preston

Do you know where your donor dollars and time are actually going? Activist, thought leader, and founder of the social impact campaign YouAreEssential Ashlee Marie Preston joins Jonathan to discuss the trillion-dollar industry that is the US non-profit sector, the ways in…

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