November 4, 2019

EP. 188 — Aspiring Pro Wrestler

Geth loves pro wrestling. This caller does too, and so much that he’s trying to make it in that world.

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PHONE ROBOT [00:00:00] You have a collect call from an inmate at a federal prison. To accept this call, press 5 now.   CHRIS [00:00:07] Hi, everybody. Chris here. I think a lot of fans of the show might remember that about a year and a half ago I spoke to someone, it was a mind blowing conversation, this person was about to head to a federal prison to begin a four year incarceration and last year I followed up with her while she was in prison on Beautiful Follow-Ups. And guess what? Spoke again with her again recently.   PHONE [00:00:28] [beep]   CHRIS [00:00:28] When other people ask you, hey, what are you in for? And you tell them some of the stories you told me in our first call–.   PHONE ROBOT [00:00:35] This call is from a federal prison.   CHRIS [00:00:37] Ooh, boy, I forgot that was, I keep forgetting that’s coming. When you tell people some of the stories you told me, which which I think you’re the first to admit some really dark, horrible stuff. Are they sho

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