February 3, 2016

EP. 9 — Backwards in Heels

Join Danielle and special co-host Dannah Phirman (Hotwives of Las Vegas & Orlando) with return guest Matt McConkey (Marry Me) as they discuss Kim Richards’ new mother/daughter reality show, Casey’s possible Munchausen syndrome, and Kyle’s sad and desperate party splits. Also, Danielle reads a brutal email from Yolanda to Bella involving a tampon strewn car and Casey tells us her thoughts on THOTS.

Check out the archived Bitch Sesh Rabble over @ https://www.rabble.tv/broadcast/56829ffa381e23e660ad87f5/view

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March 16, 2023

Casey met Jill Zarin at the Vanity Fair Oscar party and lived to tell the tale! Then Deanna Cheng and Matt McConkey Grassi stop by take sides on Raquel’s sparkly light, the appearance of the lightning Bolt necklace and if Katie can light anything on fire. Plus Deanna is living for Jersey and the new witchy therapist, Danielle explains why Nicole is a top tier housewife and Matt is just happy to be in the baseball field’s dressing room. 

March 9, 2023

We actually can’t stop talking about her. And Tom, and the whole mess! And there’s so much more for Casey and Danielle to discuss, even after their emergency podcast earlier this week. There have been apologies galore, letters to lawyers, mental health breaks and we’re obsessed. Then hilarious comedian and writer Nori Reed joins us to tackle the Potomac reunion, bedazzled boxes and all. Plus have we discovered the tannest New Jersian yet in Teresa’s dress designer?! Plus Miami’s season is coming to a close and it’s like we hardly knew ye.

March 7, 2023

After time and reflection Casey and Danielle take to the mic and conduct a Town Hall to discuss the affair that sent shocks through the entire Bravo-sphere.