May 14, 2020

EP. 7 — Billy Porter

Billy Porter joins Jameela to discuss his meteoric rise to fame, what it means to “do the work,” proving himself after almost losing his singing voice, making his “Idina Menzel” Oscars moment, and finding his incredible sense of style. 


IWEIGH-007-20200514-ACv01-DYN.mp3   JAMEELA JAMIL [00:00:00] Hello and welcome to another episode of “I Weigh” with Jameela Jamil. Thank you for joining me again. I hope you’re well. I myself am fine. I am. I’m concerned. I’m a little bit freaked out because last week I told you, I dared to say this out loud. I said that I was starting to find great comfort as a socially anxious person in lockdown and that I was l, almost even. No, I fully admitted to the fact that I was afraid of being unleashed back out into the world because I’m, I am a socially inept person who just prefers stinking alone in my underpants. And I didn’t see it coming that a couple of days after I said that it would be announced by the mayor of L.A., where I am currently living, that he’s extending lockdown here for another three months at least. So very much so be careful what you wish for, but also not that I think I have this kind of power. I would still like to

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