May 21, 2020

EP. 8 — Scarlett Curtis

Activist and writer Scarlett Curtis joins Jameela to discuss her own painful journey with an invisible illness, the biases within the medical system, shared anger over munchausen accusations, how PTSD and mental health struggles can happen to anyone, and how feminism and activism changed her life. 


IWEIGH-008-20200520-ACv01-DYN.mp3   JAMEELA JAMIL [00:00:00] Hello. I hope you’re well. Welcome to another episode of “I Weigh” with Jameela Jamil. I am personally fine. I am. Nothing much has changed in my life. It’s about to though. So this is the last time you’re gonna hear me calm and rested because I am getting my first ever puppy this week. And it’s very exciting. But I also know that apparently I’m not going to sleep for about four weeks and it’s gonna piss and shit all over me and everything that I love and own. So I might sound a little bit fragile and fraught from here on out and I apologize for that in advance. But I can’t wait. And I think it’s just gonna be good for me. My manager has gotten me this puppy to keep me calm and help me emotionally during this time. And also, I think she’s really doing it to keep me off Twitter. If I’m being honest, I think she’s trying to keep me off social med

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