May 11, 2023

EP. 162 — Building Mental Hygiene with Zak Williams

Mental health advocate, CEO of Prepare Your Mind, and son of the late great Robin Williams – Zak Williams – joins Jameela this week for an in-depth discussion on how to build out mental hygiene. They discuss his personal mental health journey, why digital overload is real issue for all of us, the power of good nutrition and sleep, how meditation has been game-changing for Zak, why multiple self-care approaches can be necessary, and more.


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  [00:00:00] Jameela Hello and welcome to another episode of I Weigh with Jameela Jamil, a podcast against shame. I hope you enjoy today’s episode. It’s it’s one that’s about the kind of holistic approach. Not only the holistic, but a lot about the holistic approach to mental health. And it is with the lovely Zak Williams, who is the son of Robin Williams, who was one of the great comedy actors and just general actors of our time. And he tragically took his life a few years ago and Zak, because of that, has been, I guess, inspired to make advocacy around mental health his cause in life and unexpectedly found great solace and comfort in doing so, a great purpose in doing so. And he’s even created an entire company around mental health. And it is his and I mean this in the most positive way, his crusade in life, having grown up with his own mental health issues and watching his dad suffer and then watching his dad lose his life to suicide. And so it was

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