May 4, 2023

EP. 161 — Elyse Myers

TikTok legend, comedian, podcaster and mental health advocate Elyse Myers joins Jameela this week to discuss Elyse’s experience with mental health, how her post-partum depression differed from her usual experience of depression, the toll staring at your face all day creating content can have on your mental health, how one teacher helped Elyse feel normal with her ADHD, and more.

Check out Elyse’s podcast – Funny Cuz It’s True with Elyse Myers – wherever you listen.

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  Jameela: Hello and welcome to another episode of I Weigh with Jameela Jamil, a podcast against shame. I hope you are well and I hope you are ready for the warmest of all warm hugs of an episode because today’s chat left me feeling so high with happiness. I think it’s genuinely one of my favorite chats I’ve had and it was with someone with whom I wasn’t super familiar. I was obviously familiar with her face and I’d seen some of her content and always loved it but I hadn’t really deeply looked into the guest until having to research her for this interview and then upon sitting down and meeting her and getting into the nitty gritty of what she wants, who she is, what she’s trying to do online. I was totally on board and so in love. Her name is Elyse Myers and if you don’t recognize her name you will definitely recognize her face if you are on any form of social media because she’s kind of taken over during the pandemic through just

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