May 28, 2018

EP. 114 — Charity Laundry

Raised in a troubled home, with parents who lived a transient lifestyle and a father who eventually ended up in prison, this week’s caller was able to rise above his circumstances and now works to give back to the community. Also, a casual debate ensues over the best NBA player of all time (Jordan vs. LeBron).

This episode is brought to you by Thomas’ English Muffins and Magoosh.


[00:01:49] Chris: Hello to all my fans of late 80s, early 90s NBA sharpshooter Mark Price.  This is Beautiful Anonymous one hour, one phone call. No names, no holds barred. [00:02:03] THEME MUSIC : I’d rather go one on one, I think it would be more fun, I’ll get to know you and you’ll get to know me. [00:02:15] Chris: Hello, everybody, it’s Chris Gethard. Very, happy and lucky. An honor and privilege to say hello and welcome to another episode of Beautiful Anonymous. Can I tell who was on the subway today? On the subway, on the way here? Just looking up and down the car. And there’s always people in there. New Yorkers I’m thinking to myself, man, every one of these people has something to say that nobody else will listen to. I’m on my way to go do a thing where someone like this gets to tell me a thing and my whole job is to just, listen, what a good job. Then I stop staring because New Yorkers punch you in the face if you make eye contact wit

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