March 21, 2022

EP. 311 — Clothing Optional Gay Resort (Live from San Francisco)

Where does one put their room key and vax card at a nude resort? Our caller reveals the answer to Geth live from San Francisco. He shares his theory on why older gay men are drawn to Palm Springs. Later on, he tells the bizarre story of temporarily losing his hearing and sense of balance. He also talks about losing his brother to addiction, making his friend go to rehab, and helps an audience member choose their next tattoo.


BEAUT-311-20220322-ClothOptGayResort(LiveSF)_V2MH.mp3 Chris Gethard [00:00:04] Hello to everybody who’s underwear has pockets. It’s Beautiful Anonymous. One hour. One phone call. No names. No holds barred. Theme Song [00:00:29] (THEME SONG) Chris Gethard [00:00:30] Chris Gethard, here. Welcome to another episode of Beautiful Anonymous. I am so excited for you to hear this episode. What you’re about to hear is a live episode that we recorded in San Francisco at The Independent, which was a really, really great venue. And I highly suggest that you patronize them when they put on shows, and I ate some great pizza at a place around the block kind of right across the street. A little up, if you come out and you look to the right across the street, right there at that corner, that pizza was great. Sorry, I don’t remember the name of the place, but thanks to my friends Adam and Amy for, for hooking that up. Very nice of you. Now, before we get into that, he might be sa

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