Coward of the County

improv4humans #119 February 6, 2014

Joe Wengert, Paul Rust, and Mary Holland are back in the saddle on this week’s improv4humans with Matt Besser! They’ll turn into big babies, confront a dying grandfather with some truths, and take us behind the scenes on James Cameron’s action film “True Lies.” Plus, Besser Went Down to Twitter as he talks about his Twitter interaction with Charlie Daniels and we find out how yella one of Charlie’s Twitter supporters is in another edition of Case Closed. Make sure to get the UCB Comedy Improv Manual, Matt Besser’s new comedy album at, and Dragoon’s new album at! Humans of San Francisco, there will be a LIVE improv4humans on Sunday, February 9th as part of SF Sketchfest. Go to for tickets.

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Matt Besser, Joe Wengert, Paul Rust, Mary Holland - Coward of the County

Matt Besser, Joe Wengert, Paul Rust, Mary Holland - On the Set of True Lies

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