Frontier Tween Episode 1: Tilly Mulch Learns A Lesson

Inside Conan: An Important Hollywood Podcast #0 September 23, 2019

Team Coco is excited to share the first episode of their new scripted comedy podcast ‘Frontier Tween’ with you. The show follows 12-year-old Tilly Mulch, who has a simple life working on her family’s frontier farm but dreams of one day winning the big city newspaper poetry contest. Luckily, between her god-fearing Ma, her perpetually ailing Pa, her tiny orphan pal who sleeps in a nest in the barn, and the town pastor whose divine calling is to mooch food off his congregants, Tilly has plenty to write about. Frontier Tween stars the voices of Maria Bamford, Conan O’Brien, Kerri Kenney, and Tim Baltz. To check out more episodes, go to

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