August 25, 2020

EP. 176 — Is Guaranteed Income America’s Next Top Model? with Mayor Michael Tubbs

Since Stockton, California, Mayor Michael Tubbs was elected in November 2016, he’s launched an innovative Guaranteed Income pilot program and created a runway for his city’s success.

Mayor Tubbs joins Jonathan to discuss the program, how cities across the country are implementing similar initiatives, and why it’s so important for local governments to invest in their communities. Mayor Tubbs is the co-founder of Mayors for a Guaranteed Income, and the subject of the new HBO documentary “Stockton On My Mind.”

Follow Mayor Tubbs on Twitter @MichaelDTubbs and Instagram @michaeldtubbs. Stream Stockton on My Mind on HBO and HBO Max. Learn more about Stockton’s Guaranteed Income pilot program at And keep up with Mayors for a Guaranteed Income at and on Twitter @mayorsforagi.

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Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness & Mayor Michael Tubbs JVN [00:00:00] Welcome to Getting Curious. I’m Jonathan Van Ness and every week I sit down for a 40 minute conversation with a brilliant expert to learn all about something that makes me curious. On today’s episode, I’m joined by Stockton, California Mayor Michael Tubbs, a leader in the movement for Guaranteed Income and the subject of the new HBO documentary “Stockton On My Mind,” where I ask him: How Do You Mayor? Welcome to “Getting Curious,” this is Jonathan Van Ness. On this week’s episode, we have an incredible guest. And I’m just so excited to welcome you. So I don’t want to build it up too much. Welcome Mayor Michael Tubbs. How are you? MAYOR MICHAEL TUBBS [00:00:36] I’m so good. Thanks for having me. JVN [00:00:39] So you, I’ve just got to watch your doc, your new documentary on HBO. I just have, like, chills on my legs and my forearms, just thinking about, abou

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