Jason Mantzoukas, Seth Morris: Spotlight On: Dr. Lionel Drioche

WOMP It Up! #78 January 1, 2019

Please enjoy this re-release of the very first WOMP It Up! Broadcasting LIVE from the Marina Del Ray Public Library, everybody’s favorite intern Marissa Wompler and her teacher/mentor/co-host/former sniper, Charlotte Listler bring you the first episode of Marissa’s new school project podcast WOMP IT UP!  Marissa’s one-time flame Eric “Gutterballs” Gutterman (Jason Mantzoukas) joins them to dish on everything that’s happening at Marina Del Ray Public High School in his signature segment “Gutterballing with Eric Gutterman.” Later, Marissa & Listler put the Spotlight On: Dr. Lionel Drioche (Seth Morris) and learn what it’s like leading the theatre department of Marina Del Ray High. Finally, Listler answers love questions from loyal listeners during “Listler’s Love Lockdown.”

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