September 10, 2020

EP. 23 — Katherine Ryan

Comedian, writer, presenter, and actor Katherine Ryan joins Jameela this week to discuss how being a new mother was surprisingly helpful in getting Katherine’s start in comedy, a few of her dating disasters, how to raise an amazing daughter, processing a difficult miscarriage, and their thoughts on plastic surgery.

Katherine’s new show The Duchess is out now on Netflix!


IWEIGH-023-202000910-RyanKatherine-ACv01-DYN.mp3   JAMEELA JAMIL [00:00:00] Welcome to another episode of “I Weigh” with Jameela Jamil. I hope you’re OK. I am. I’m a mixed bag as ever. If you can hear the kind of rasp in my voice, it’s not because I’ve become even sexier. It’s because I am in a state that is on fire and everywhere I go, I can smell fire and I can smell burning. And the air quality is absolutely buggered. You can’t see beyond your own house. When you look out of the window, it’s just like a, it’s a living nightmare. So that’s a lot. It’s really just like impossible to escape what is happening in this world. However hard you try to. And it’s OK if you’re just not coping very well. It’s also OK if you’re only now starting to process how fucked this year has been. You know, that is a normal process of the brain to survive when something is at its peak of trauma and just kin

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