Last Looks: Dracula 2000

How Did This Get Made? #304.5 November 3, 2022

A trip into the Quibi archive, Gerard Butler’s Dracula audition, and a few Disneyland hacks. Places people, it’s time for Last Looks! This week Paul answers your questions on the Help Line, digs into your Corrections and Omissions from Dracula 2000, and Jason joins Paul for a “Just Chat” to catch up on the things they’ve loving. Plus, Paul announces next week’s movie.

Paul & Jason’s Picks:
American Ninja Warrior (NBC) & The Warped Wall

“The Golden Arm” episode of Sam Raimi’s 50 States Of Fright (Quibi)
The Quibi Archive

June’s Picks:
I Survived A Crime (A&E)

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