Paul Scheer [00:00:00] Turn on the radio. Pull out yourself a crocheted pocket dog and ask yourself, even if they solved the riddle, would it have stopped the killings in the movie, Hangman. Answers and questions and debate about all this and more on today’s How Did This Get Made last looks. Hit the theme.   Music [00:00:18] [Last Looks Theme]   Paul Scheer [00:00:58] Hello all you Foghorn Leghorn sounding police detectives. I’m your eviction man, Paul Scheer. And welcome to How Did This Get Made last looks where you, the listener, get to voice your issues on Hangman and Jason and I recap the amazing How Did This Get Made East Coast tour that we just came back from. We’ll tell you our favorite moments that you may not know because a lot of them happened behind the scenes. And as always, I will reveal next week’s movie. But first things first, a big shout out to Homonym for that theme song. We love these songs. And if you have a last Look song, send it

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Paul responds to your corrections and omissions from Madame Web, shares a bonus scene from the Madame Web live show, and announces next week’s movie.