August 31, 2023

EP. 326.5 — Last Looks: Switch

Paul and Jason answer listener calls on the help line, Paul digs into corrections & omissions from Switch, shares a bonus scene from the Switch live show, and announces next week’s movie.



Shin Kamen Rider

“Everyone Is Dead Except Us” by Wolfie’s Just Fine

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Paul Scheer [00:00:00] A question to meditate on. If you just like kids and dogs, does that make you a good person or do you have to have a kid or dog and like them to make you a good person? While you think about that, let’s prep the set. It’s time for Last Looks.   Music [00:00:20] [Last Looks Intro]   Paul Scheer [00:00:37] Hello all you hot tub murder witches, I’m your host Paul Scheer and welcome to How Did This Get Made Last Looks where you get to voice your issues on the Jimmy Smits Ellen Barkin classic Switch. Jason and I will answer your listener calls on the help line. I’ll reveal next week’s movie. Plus, we will share an exclusive bonus scene from our live Switch show. So much stuff. But first things first. A big shout out to GoVanGogh. GoVanGogh created that amazing opening. And you know what GoVanGogh? Hearing that opening made me say to myself, We need that level, that kind of talent in creating a brand neHow Did This Get Made theme

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