October 10, 2023

EP. 183 — Love & Truth in a Black Mirror World with Kelechi Okafor

This week, podcaster and author Kelechi Okafor joins Jameela to explore the ultramodern themes of her debut collection of short stories called ‘Edge of Here.’ The pair discuss contemporary Black womanhood through the eyes of the media, the reversal of reproduction rights, bias in AI technologies and how we are already living within aspects of that future portrayed in TV shows like Black Mirror & the Handmaid’s Tale. They discuss what Kelechi’s activism looks like, ceremonies of ancient cultures and new ceremonies in love & truth, and how Kelechi’s belief of the transformative nature of love keeps her going. TW: there is some mention of sexual assault and generational abuse of women in this episode.


Kelechi’s book ‘Edge of Here’ is out now, find more on her website and find her @kelechnekoff on TikTok and listen to her Say Your Mind Podcast


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