September 28, 2023

EP. 182 — True Crime & Stalking with Isla Traquair

This week, Jameela is joined by crime journalist and activist Isla Traquair and they cover her long spanning career reporting on true crime to recently becoming a victim of emotional violence and stalking herself. They discuss the mental health impact of stalking & navigating the justice system, the grim statistics of convictions along with the lengths women need to go to to stay safe and establish their boundaries. They talk about supporting survivors, victims and their families, and Isla shares how she’s making UK history by covering multiple decade-old murder cases for her podcast. We also get into the fascination with true crime and why it’s the most popular genre of podcasting.


You can find Isla on IG @islatraquair and find her true crime podcast The Storyteller: Naked Villainy

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