Minisode 72.5

How Did This Get Made? #72.5 October 1, 2013

Next week’s movie has Ernie Hudson, talking gorillas, and Laura Linney. What more can you ask for? Paul is also joined by June Diane Raphael for her mini-ep debut to talk about her movie Ass Backwards (which is out now on VOD). He also reads some Corrections & Omissions for Toys, gives us the new tag line for the Movie Title Game after announcing last week’s winners, and shares what he sees while looking up at the stars as he answers your delightful Qs! Make sure to watch Ass Backwards now on VOD & iTunes, don’t miss out on the latest season of The League, catch Season 3 of NTSF:SD:SUV:: Thursdays at midnight on Adult Swim, and use your face to watch Hell Baby right now on Amazon!

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