November 1, 2022

EP. 177 — Sasheer Isn’t Afraid To Travel 1000 Years

Sasheer is melancholy about the abandonment of mashed potatoes at Sweet Chick, but at least she is a Delta Diamond Diva! Nicole would like to go on a date with Ed Bastian, become his Sky Baby, and soar all around the world! Both Sasheer and Nicole agree that they wouldn’t travel back in time, but Jordan would to prevent the Titanic wreck. They wrap things up by answering listener questions and handing out solid friendship advice about giving and expecting.


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BF-177-20221009-JDv02.mp3 Nicole [00:00:13] Sasheer. Sasheer [00:00:13] Nicole. Nicole [00:00:14] How are you? Sasheer [00:00:15] I’m good. How are you? Nicole [00:00:16] Listen, I’m great. Sasheer [00:00:18] So wonderful to hear. Nicole [00:00:19] Imagine we do the whole episode like this. Do you think people would be mad? Sasheer [00:00:21] I think they’d really hate it. Maybe some people would like it, and some people would hate it. Nicole [00:00:28] Yeah. Are you an ASMR-head? Sasheer [00:00:33] Can’t say that I’m an ASMR-head. I did do some sort of, like– It was part of a workshop, and there was an ASMR room. It’s kind of interesting ’cause there’s a person with you in the room, whispering and being like, “This is a makeup brush.” And then they, like, tap on it in your ear. But then they, like, brush your arms and stuff. They touch your skin with the objects, which I guess was just for sensory stimulation. But there

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