August 8, 2023

EP. 217 — Nicole Hates to Lose Things Too! with Punkie Johnson and Dicey

Guess what time it is? It’s time for Besting Each Other with Punkie Johnson and Dicey. Dicey shares that when she first met Punkie, she was appalled by Punkie’s behavior. Punkie loves Dicey’s ability to pull her away when it’s time to go but hates that Dicey loses everything.  Dicey loves Punkie’s fearlessness but can’t stand that she eats so many onions! Dicey and Punkie believe they would do better on the show Survivor than the other person. In 20 years, Dicey wants them to live like the Golden Girls, travel with their kids and continue to cuss each other out. Punkie agrees and believes their love language is verbal abuse. Together, they host the podcast Love Thang with Punkie Johnson on Kevin Hart’s SiriusXM LOL Channel.


Also, check out their show Love Thang with Punkie Johnson wherever you get your podcasts!


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