August 1, 2023

EP. 216 — Sasheer Is Learning Spanish

Hey friends. Nicole is pro union. Sasheer breaks down the misconception that all actors are rich in regards to the SAG-AFTRA Strike. Nicole talks about how the strike affects the whole industry. Sasheer and Nicole reminisce on how they got GOT in the industry. Nicole wants a mermaid tail. Sasheer wants to go to Disney if they end up visiting Mertailor’s Mermaid Aquarium. Nicole bought a keyboard and is taking singing lessons. Sasheer’s learning Spanish with Duolingo. Nicole breaks down the characters of Duolingo. No BuzzFeed quiz this week, but they do an IS THIS WEIRD: Cleaning Edition.


This was recorded July 17th, 2023.




Duolingo Characters:


You Poop When You  Die:,see%20your%20bone%20structure%20beneath



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