December 6, 2022

EP. 182 — Nicole Loves Sasheer’s Party Guest List Because She Is #1

Is Love really blind? Will Nicole buy a boat? Who knows! What we do know is that Sasheer is a party ghost. Her body will make it to the party, but her soul may not. Nicole is not in a category in Sasheer’s party guest list, she is just #1! Meanwhile, Nicole is having a hard time being so cute and quirky, send help! Nicole and Sasheer LOVE reality tv, fake tears, closed-captioned “blowjobs” and all! Nicole reveals great relationship advice as she and Sasheer ponder longevity in relationships. Lastly, They take a quiz to see if they are Introverted, Extroverted, or Ambivert, by planning a Christmas party.

Here is the quiz from this week:

Email or call Nicole & Sasheer with your friendship questions at:


BF-182-20221112-JDv02-DYN.mp3   Nicole [00:00:11] What do you have to do at 205?    Sasheer [00:00:13] I have a show in Athens, Georgia, that’s like an hour and a half drive from Atlanta. And traffic is horrible here.    Nicole [00:00:22] So you want to be safe. I see.    Sasheer [00:00:24] Yeah.    Nicole [00:00:24] When you said “Athens,” I immediately went “Greece?” Then I was like, “Don’t say it, don’t say it.” And you very quickly said, “Georgia.” ‘Cause I knew it was Georgia, but I just needed to say “Greece.”    Sasheer [00:00:36] “I have to get on a boat to Greece!”    Nicole [00:00:38] “Oh, no!” Real quick, Sasheer. I’m having a midlife crisis. We’ll talk about it later.    Sasheer [00:00:43] Oh. And you’re… You seem excited about it.    Nicole [00:00:51] Talked about it in therapy, and she was

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