December 13, 2022

EP. 183 — Sasheer Is Down For The Comeback Of Emo Culture

Sasheer went out to see My Chemical Romance and Nicole is NOT OKAY. Nonetheless, they both welcome the return of emo culture. Nicole may have gone out to play with a big dog the night before recording and is now in need of a “hair of the dog.” Speaking of dogs, Nicole and Sasheer investigate Bosco, Veronica’s Insurance practice partner and german shepherd. This leads them down the spiral of lawyers on billboards. And in true holiday spirit, Sasheer gifted Nicole pieces of cake from her favorite, the Madonna Inn! Lastly, they answer listener queries, from sugar baby affirmations to how to communicate with an aggressive friend at game night!

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  Nicole [00:00:10] Hello, Sasheer.   Sasheer [00:00:12] Hello, Nicole.   Nicole [00:00:13] Oh boy. I thought you’re going to say that you weren’t recording again.   Sasheer [00:00:17] No, now I am.   Nicole [00:00:18] How are you?   Sasheer [00:00:20] I’m good. I’m in Mexico City.   Nicole [00:00:25] Hola.   Sasheer [00:00:28] Hola to you, too.   Nicole [00:00:28] That’s how they greet each other in Mexico. Did you know?   Sasheer [00:00:34] Yeah. Yeah, I did.   Nicole [00:00:38] Okay. Just making sure that you know how to say “hello” to the people who are there.   Sasheer [00:00:42] Thank you. I appreciate that. I don’t want to be rude.   Nicole [00:00:45] No worries. That’s what I’m here for.   Sasheer [00:00:48] I don’t want you to be upset, but I saw My Chemical Romance last night.   Nicole [00:00:54] I know. I didn’t know it was last n

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